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300TPD Maize Flour Mill Plant


 Product Features.
1. The complete set of equipment is corn as raw material, specializing in the production of refined low-fat corn meal, corn dregs complete sets of equipment.
2. Using advanced processing technology, peeled, embryo, slag, powder production processing, can produce 2-3 types of corn dregs of different particle size, 2-3 types of low-fat corn meal, and at the same time selected high-purity corn embryo, corn embryo can be used to produce corn oil.
3. The cornmeal produced by the processing equipment contains embryo, less skin, good taste, rich nutrition, bright color, long shelf life, good quality and high yield.
4. The steel-frame platform structure is adopted, which is lower in power consumption and higher in yield than the planar arrangement, and the steel-frame structure is fine in workmanship and beautiful in appearance.