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Wheat milling


 Wheat milling
1. The purpose and requirements of wheat milling
The process of cleaning the surface of wheat by grinding is called wheat milling.
In the process of milling wheat surface, the impurities adhering to the surface of wheat can be more thoroughly milled away, but also can be milled away part of the wheat skin, to improve the purity of wheat into the mill.
The purity of wheat is very good.
The commonly used wheat milling equipment is wheat milling machine.

2. Application of milling process
After removing impurities from the wheat, the surface is cleaned and 4.5-6% of the wheat hull is removed. Because the skin of wheat is torn during the milling process
process has torn the skin, the wheat into the flour road, the bran is fragile, so the current wheat milling process in the production of higher grades of flour
Therefore, the milling process is currently less used in the production of higher grade flours. Compared to the wheat milling machine, the wheat milling machine has higher power consumption and is more complicated to operate.
Due to the partial removal of the skin, the moisture conditioning time can be shortened to 2-4 hours, but part of the endosperm of the wheat road is already exposed.
Therefore, when using this process, the wheat should not stay in the wetting bin for a long time after watering. Generally, the method of dynamic wetting of wheat should be adopted.