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Status of wheat peeling and milling technology


Wheat peeling and milling technology has been studied since the 1950s. In the early 1960's, the convex rice mill and the improved In the early 1960s, the outer three layers of wheat skin were peeled off by using a convex mortar rice machine and a modified thallium iron roller rice machine, mainly the outer pericarp, while the inner pericarp was partially peeled off, leaving most of the inner pericarp, the The endocarp is partially peeled off, leaving most of the endocarp, the flour layer and the exocarp located in the ventral groove. In recent years, a special roller grinder has been used to lightly grind the peel layer, and the peeling range is larger, The outer three skins (inner and outer pericarp and seed skin) are basically ground off, and part of the pasty layer is also ground off. The new process of peeling and making flour has not been widely promoted and applied. The reason is that due to the special structure of wheat kernels, it is not possible to completely peel and make flour.