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Kaifeng Aohua machinery production involving types of equipment are corn processing machinery, corn ballast machine, corn groats machine and so on, pay attention to details in processing technology, in recent years, customers consult more about the corn embryo making groats machine, the main configuration of several machines we come to see.
1. Flat sieve
The function of the flat sieve is to grade the products in progress, and prepare for the preparation of groats, embryo selection and milling.
The flat sieve has three kinds of sieving surfaces: coarse sieve, grading sieve and powder sieve, which can divide the materials into 4-5 categories. The material on the coarse sieve is big crushed, and then sent back to the groat breaking and embryo removal machine; the material on the grading sieve is the mixture of embryo and groats, and then enter into the next process of grits and embryo selection; the material on the powder sieve is coarse grain, and then enter into the powder mill; the material under the powder sieve is powder, and then make the finished product or feed according to the quality.
2. Gravity type embryo selecting machine
The structure and working principle of this equipment is similar to the gravity grading machine that handles wheat, because the suspension speed of corn embryo is lower than that of wheat, so the air volume of embryo selecting machine is lower and the handling flow is lower.
The key of extracting embryo and making groats is that the embryo content in the extracted groats should be low, and the quantity of extracted groats should be treated well.
Big and medium groats are usually extracted before corn milling, and small groats are extracted during corn embryo milling. The type of groats depends on the local eating habits, and the quantity of groats depends on the quality of corn, and the yield of finished corn quality. Generally, the more grits the better, because low-fat grits are the basic raw material for grinding low-fat corn flour.