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Bran Brushing and Bran Throwing Machines


Most of the bran flakes extracted by the middle and back road skin grinding sieve still have powder adhered to it.
These materials are usually treated with a bran beater or a bran brusher before grinding.
Brushing and beating bran is to use a rotating broom or beater to separate the powder adhering to the skin and pass it through the sieve holes
It becomes a sieve and the bran remains in the sieve. The bran brushing and bran beating processes are located at the end of the skin grinding system, which is the last step of processing the bran.

The bran brushing machine is a vertical cylinder with a rapidly rotating brush inside the cylinder. When the material falls on the brush from the inlet
When the upper cover is closed, under the action of centrifugal force, the material is thrown into the gap between the brush broom and the sieve drum.
The endosperm on the bran is brushed out of the sieve hole, falls into the flour chute, and is sent to the outlet by the scraper attached under the sieve drum. The bran left after brushing
In the sieve drum, it is output from the internal outlet.
Compared with the bran brushing machine, the bran beater has a large processing capacity per unit sieve surface, and the bran beater effect is also stronger.
The process of bran beating is as follows: the material enters the machine along the tangential direction of the beating plate rotor, and is hit by the high-speed rotating beating plate to make the
The powder attached to the bran flakes is knocked down, passes through the sieve cylinder, and is discharged out of the machine through the powder outlet, while the bran flakes are sent to the bran outlet by the beating plate to be discharged.
There are two types of bran punching machines: vertical and horizontal.