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Cleaning of raw rice grains in rice processing equipment


What is the specific cleaning work of rice processing equipment for raw rice grains? In order to produce high quality rice, the cleaning process of the rice processing equipment is indispensable. Its purpose is to clean out the impurities in the raw grain to ensure the purity of the processed products, and also to guarantee the safety of production. But what is the specific cleanup work of rice processing equipment for raw grains?
1, rice raw materials contain a lot of bacteria, will be brought into the rice processing equipment, if not cleaned up, will remain a lot of bacteria, affecting the health and quality of the product.
2, cleaning tools will also have bacteria on them, which also need to be removed.
3, the discharge of wastewater needs to do a good job of sterilization, so as to ensure the recycling of wastewater.
At the same time, for the rice processing equipment itself, it is also necessary to regularly clean up, for example, the dust generated in the production process, debris may also be left in the equipment, so in order to ensure the normal operation of production, cleaning is indispensable.