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Combination Sifter Machine Instruction Part Two


Working process principle: 

The material enters the inlet with eccentric conical funnel through the feeding pipe and enters the vibrating screen dispersing plate through the cloth cylinder, and the sieve offsets from the first screen surface fall onto the second screen surface, while the sieve onsets are discharged from the adjacent debris outlet. The sieved material from the second screen surface falls onto the bottom plate and is discharged from the discharge port , while the sieved material enters the upper screen surface of the de-stoner through the material port located at the front of the machine. Through the combined effect of reciprocating vibration and upward airflow, the material is automatically stratified according to the specific gravity of the material.
After the second and third sections of the upper screen, the heavy material gradually passes through the screen holes and falls onto the lower screen surface. The vibration of the lower de-stone screen has a strict search function to ensure the removal of any sand and gravel.
The light flow concentrated through the upper screen surface flows to the end outlet of the screen surface, while the light grain shells, dust, etc. are extracted by suction air to the suction duct. The operator can change the proportion of material flow (5-30%) on the upper screen surface by selecting the screen surface and adjusting the butterfly pressure gate within the allowed range.
The working effect can be monitored visually through the sealed observation window. The separated stones fall from the front outlet and the grain flows from the outlet into the lower wheat beater for beating and rubbing separation of the outer skin of the hairy wheat and complete removal of dust.