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Conventional wear and tear of rice processing lines


Conventional wear of rice processing line includes corrosion wear and mechanical wear. Corrosion is the chemical reaction with the surrounding medium, which causes wear and tear. This is the main reason for the wear and tear of many rice processing lines. The wear and tear of rice processing lines generally includes corrosion wear and mechanical wear. For conventional production, however, the latter occupies a slightly higher percentage.

There are two types of conventional wear and tear of rice processing lines, one is the oxidation reaction with atmospheric substances, and the other is the wear and tear with acids, alkalis and salts. The second kind of wear is deeper than the first one. Under special media, some chemical elements will form passivation films with high chemical bonding and tighter structure, which can reduce corrosion.

And tungsten and molybdenum will form a protective film on the surface under special circumstances to reduce the coefficient of friction, which is an important material for corrosion resistance at high temperatures. Silver, copper and other elements are able to generate sulfide film under the action of lubricating oil, reducing the frictional effect. The alloy of tungsten carbide and titanium carbide also has a high corrosion effect.