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Ensuring the purity and quality of the rice production line is the purpose of daily maintenance


To ensure the purity and quality of the rice production line is the purpose of daily maintenance! No matter what machinery and equipment in the use of the process of maintenance work is very important, not only to improve economic efficiency can also extend the service life. Here we come together to understand!

1, to protect the normal conduct of production: hard miscellaneous on the rice production line, especially the role of strong equipment prone to damage, due to the collision of sparks may trigger dust explosions; rope and paper pieces and other flexible impurities are easy to wind, blockage; raw materials in the dust is easy to spill caused by pollution, endangering the production environment. To ensure normal production, these impurities must be as clear as possible.

2, to ensure the purity and quality of the product: all kinds of impurities mixed into the rice production line are making the quality of the product decline, where the impact of dust and mustard impurities is greater. Such impurities mixed into the flour to increase the sand content of the product, the powder color gray, the quality of the product, the quality of pasta and human health will bring harm. Therefore, these impurities should be removed before entering the mill.