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Grinding and milling


Grinding and milling is to use grinding, sieving and flour cleaning equipment to separate the hull from the endosperm of clean wheat, and to grind the endosperm to powder, or to make various grades and uses of finished flour after processing such as flour blending.
Wheat flour making process is referred to as flour road, mainly including grinding, sieving, cleaning, brushing bran and other links.
The common grinding equipment is roller mill, and the auxiliary sieving and grinding equipment is loosening machine.
The main sieving equipment is high square flat sieve, auxiliary sieving equipment are garden sieve and bran machine.
Flour cleaning equipment is used to purify the dregs of wheat, wheat heart and other materials, and the commonly used flour cleaning equipment is compound flour cleaning machine.
First, the system settings in the process of making flour
In the powder road, the process system composed of equipment for handling similar materials is called the system, usually a system should be set up in multiple channels
processing equipment. The powder making process generally sets up the skin mill, heart mill, slag mill and powder cleaning system. The skin mill and heart mill systems are the two basic systems of the powder making process, each of which is equipped with a certain number of grinding and screening equipment.
The role of each system is.
1. skin grinding system: peel the wheat, under the premise of ensuring that the skin is not overly broken, scraping the endosperm on the skin one by one, to extract a large amount of good quality endosperm. Extract the endosperm grains of high quality and a certain quality and quantity of flour.
2. Heart milling system: Grind the pure endosperm grains provided by each system into flour with a certain fineness one by one, and Bran out. Usually, a tail mill is also equipped to grind the bran and coarser grains separated from the center mill before grinding.
3. Residue grinding system: The bran endosperm grains provided in the front center are lightly ground to separate the skin from the endosperm, thus obtaining pure The pure wheat core is sent to the heart mill for making flour.
4. Flour cleaning system: The dregs and cores extracted from the first stage are purified, graded and then sent to the corresponding milling system. 5. Flour preparation system
5. Flour preparation system: Different flours are stored separately, and then mixed and blended in a certain proportion to make various kinds of finished flours for different purposes. The flour is then mixed and blended in a certain proportion to make various kinds of finished flour for different purposes.