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Grinding Mill


Grinding Mill

The mill is generally composed of five parts: grinding rolls, feeding mechanism, rolling distance adjustment mechanism, driving mechanism, and grinding roll cleaning mechanism.

1. Grinding roller: The material is ground between two grinding rollers. 

2. Feeding mechanism: The main function is to: ① stabilize the flow into the machine, ② make the material evenly distributed over the whole length of the grinding roller, ③ accurately transfer the material to the mill.③ Feed the material into the grinding area accurately, ④ Interlock with the closing gate of the grinding roller, feeding when closing the gate and stopping when leaving the gate.

3. The main function is ① to complete the closing and closing action of the grinding rollers, ② to adjust the rolling distance conveniently and accurately. 

4. transmission mechanism: usually there are two parts: one is to the grinding roller, feeding roller power transmission, generally using belt drive; the other One is set up between the fast and slow rollers, to maintain an accurate and stable ratio between the two rollers, and is called the fixed-speed mechanism, the transmission form are Gears, double-sided arc synchronous belt and roller chain and other three. 5.

The role is to clean up the roller surface adhesion, to maintain the normal state of the roller surface, to ensure the grinding effect.