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The market competition of corn processing equipment has promoted the pace of development of industrialization in China


The market competition of corn processing equipment has promoted the pace of development of industrialization in China. The rapid development of corn processing equipment requires a large number of corn raw materials, prompting fluctuations in international corn futures prices; the rapid rise of corn processing equipment enterprises, intensifying the market competition in the machinery industry, to a certain extent, to promote the pace of development of industrialization in China.

  First of all, the raw materials. Corn processing equipment development to date, the domestic corn market prices continue to maintain a stable trend. Data show that the current price of corn in the northeast tends to stabilize, which is conducive to the stable development of China's equipment; and North China due to the reduction of surplus grain, farmers are shy to sell, etc. There is a wave of rebound, bringing the problem of raw material tension to enterprises.

  Second, the futures. The continuous development of corn processing equipment, driven by the international corn futures prices, following the rising trend of wheat futures, and by the slow start of the U.S. corn planting season, international corn futures prices fluctuate, which is not conducive to the development of machinery.

  Again, the development trend. The supply and demand of corn raw materials has an important impact on the development of corn processing equipment, however, weather changes, purchasing mentality, international and domestic corn markets, livestock and poultry products market, domestic policies, weather and other factors will have a certain impact on the price of corn futures, but also to a certain extent affect the development.

  Then, the future development. With the end of the corn temporary storage purchase, corn processing equipment enterprises began to appear raw material shortage situation, because there is almost nothing left in the northeast, therefore, the northeast corn prices will continue the firm situation, increasing the cost of raw materials for enterprises.