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Quality standard of finished products processed by corn processing equipment


What is the quality standard of corn processing equipment for its finished products? Corn flour, corn grits, corn ballast is the basic corn processing equipment finished products, in fact, different finished products have different quality standards, corn grits is corn after maturity to skin or not, on the mill crushed into small particles, about the size of the sand in the hand, can also be ground into slightly coarser than the flour particles of powder; corn ballast is the corn peeled, each grain broken three or four, irregular coarse granular. The two are actually different particle sizes only! Corn flour is the corn is ground into a powdered substance by corn processing equipment.

Corn processing equipment in the processing process as much as possible to mention corn endosperm particles, get low fat content of medium and small particles, corn grits and corn coarse meal, can significantly improve the low fat content of corn flour out rate. Create conditions for corn processing equipment to produce high quality requirements of food-specific flour and refined corn flour co-production processing.

In the corn processing equipment grinding, sieving process can also be set up in more than one worm wheel wind separator, the intermediate materials in the residual skin, embryos, etc. for further campaign separation, so as to improve the degree of purity of the product, to get different particle size of finished corn. These three different corn quality standards but also have a connection with each other, water, impurities, imperfect grains, raw mold grains and other standards may have an impact on the quality of finished corn processing equipment.