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Loading and shipping

1.When loading or moving the equipment, the fixed plate of the sieve body should be installed first, and the beam on the upper part of the equipment should be lifted with a forklift or cable, so as to avoid violent vibration and dumped is not allowed.
In the production process, if there is a need for the equipment to shift, the sieve body and the frame should be fixed first, and then move the equipment to avoid violent vibration during the movement. Otherwise it is easily to damage the universal joint and sieve frame.

(1)The equipment must be installed on a strong enough floor or steel frame. If the strength of the floor or steel frame is not enough, it must be reinforced firstly, otherwise it is easy to resonate with the equipment.Floors or steel frames should be horizontal.
(2)A certain space should be left around the equipment, and a distance of at least 1100mm should be reserved in the direction of the screen door.
(3)The type of material discharged from the equipment outlet has been marked on the outlet. When the equipment is installed, please check whether the discharging position corresponds to the corresponding slide pipe in the workshop. The equipment can be rotated at a certain Angle before installation.
(4)The machine floor plate should be fixed on the floor or steel frame by the anchor bolt, or it can be poured with concrete; See Figure 3 of the position of the foot hole and outlet.
(5)After the installation of the equipment, connect the sieve body inlet and outlet of the material barrel with the corresponding slide pipe in the workshop respectively. Note that the connection should be made in the way of soft connection such as cloth barrel. All cloth drums must be loose and wide and no twisting shall be allowed.