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Operation manual of ahcts series sifter 6


 The use of Sieve frame
As one of the main parts of drawer sieve, sieve is also the main working part of the equipment. The service condition of the site has a great impact on the life of the sieve.Therefore, please strictly follow the instructions in this manual to use the sieve, so as not to cause unnecessary losses to you.

6.1.Sieve core grid
The sieve core grid mainly undertakes the task of dividing the sieve into the upper and the lower parts.The core of the sieve is glued to the sieve mesh or silk, the sieve mesh or silk adhesion needs special equipment and experienced technicians to complete, in order to ensure the sieve mesh or silk appropriate tension, tension over too small will affect the sieveing effect and service life.Special tools are needed to measure the tension value, so we do not recommend users to glue the sieve or silk sieve without the conditions.
If the user needs to produce different kinds of materials and finished products, under the condition of the sieve road is unchanged, he can prepare some sieve cores with different mesh mesh, so that the sieve cores can be easily taken out from the sieve grid, after replacing the sieve cores, different kinds of materials can be produced.

6.2.Other attachments
Cleaning ball and cleaning block: under the mesh or silk sieve inside the core.When the equipment is running, the cleaning ball and the cleaning block constantly roll and dance, which can pop the materials attached to the sieve or silk sieve, so that the sieve or silk sieve can be cleaned and ensure the sieveing efficiency.
Push block: the bottom plate in the sieve frame, the lower part of the sieve core.When the equipment is in operation, push the material block with continuous movement, push the sieve contents from the bottom plate into the sieve channel and out.

6.3.Remove sieve frame
First, use the hexagon socket wrench to remove the panel bolts, loosen the compression screw, pull out the sieve grid

6.4.Install the sieve
(1)First clean the bottom plate of the sieve with a soft bristle brush and put the bottom grid in place.Clean the sealing strips on the sieve with a soft bristle brush, and then install them from bottom to top according to the serial number. Check whether the mesh number of each sieve is consistent with the requirements of the powder road.
(2)Avoid damage to the sealing strip when loading the sieve.
(3)Check whether the sieve order is correct after all the sieves are installed.

6.5.Clean the sieve
The customer should make the periodic arrangement of sieve cleaning according to the specific situation of production.When cleaning the sieve, the sieve should be removed from the equipment, the sieve frame and the core of the sieve, especially the attached materials on the corners, clean with a brush, and then install the sieve on the equipment in turn, tighten the pressing handle.

6.6.Storage of sieve
No other heavy objects should be placed on the sieve or overlaid too high.