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Powder Cleaning System


 Powder Cleaning System

The role of cleaning powder
Flour cleaning is to refine the coarse grains and coarse flour from the hull mill, residue mill or the former heart mill.
The coarse grain and coarse meal from the hull mill, slag mill or front road core mill are finely selected and divided into wheat hulls, bran meal and pure endosperm grain according to their quality. The pure endosperm is separated into
The pure endosperm is sent to the corresponding heart mill for grinding according to the different quality to improve the quality of flour.
The material entering the fine flour mill must be graded and sieved to ensure the uniform size of the material entering the mill.
The material particle size is even, choose suitable sieve, equipped with appropriate amount of air flow, can ensure
The effect of clearing powder can be guaranteed. Otherwise, the flour mixed with the material or particle size disparity is too large, will
will reduce the effect of flour cleaning.