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Rice processing line magnetic substance inspection


Factors for magnetic substance inspection during the processing of raw grains in rice processing lines. Using the rice processing line can be processed into a variety of products, in the food, chemical, feed and other industries are used, the application is very wide. With the improvement of people's living standards, people put forward higher requirements for food products, which requires grain and oil enterprises to strictly control the production process and produce food that people can rest assured. In the production of powdered grain, enterprises usually use a series of testing equipment in order to improve the quality of products, such as using magnetic metal substance detection machines to detect the metal content in rice products.
In the processing of rice, due to raw materials mixed with impurities or the wear and tear of the rice processing line during processing, it will lead to some magnetic metals mixed into the rice powder, these tiny metal impurities will be ingested into the body with the food, more than a certain standard, it will cause harm to the human body and affect health. Therefore, people usually use the magnetic metal substance tester to test the rice flour, to see the level of magnetic metal content in the rice flour, but also to measure the quality of rice flour is an important criterion, is one of the important indicators of the powder production and processing process.