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rice processing plant


What are the standards for the environmental requirements of the production plant of the rice processing plant? Rice is mainly used to produce dietary ingredients that we need in our daily life, and as an entrance food, we have very high requirements for the production environment of rice processing equipment, so we talk about the environmental requirements standards for the production workshop of rice processing equipment today.

First of all, for the production workshop of rice processing equipment, the environment should be suitable, the ground should be flat, and the space should ensure a clean, dry and ventilated environment. Before use, you need to check whether there is debris inside the equipment, do a good job of cleaning the equipment, before the production of materials need to be first debris, in line with the standard after the production.

Secondly, the rice processing equipment in the process of use, need to regularly check the fixed nuts of the movable tooth plate, to ensure that all the fastening parts should not be loose, especially should check the fixed tooth plate screws. In addition, the actual working hours full 300 hours, maintenance equipment spindle bearing cavity cleaning and replacement of new lubricants.

In addition, the complete set of rice processing equipment should be regularly overhauled and the key parts should be well maintained in order to extend the use cycle of the equipment and ensure the safety of production.