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Differences Between Two Vibrating Screen


The circular vibrating screen and the linear vibrating screen are all common screening equipments used in daily production. There is no essential difference between the two, and the materials are sieved by the screen surface vibration to achieve the purpose of screening. The basis for distinguishing them is the running track. The sieve on the circular vibrating screen moves in a circular path, and the movement of the sieve on the linear sieve is linear.

The working principle of the linear vibrating screen: using the vibrating motor as the vibration source, the material is thrown up on the screen, and the linear motion is moved forward, and the material enters the feeding port of the screening machine evenly from the feeder through the multi-layer screen. Several kinds of sieves and sieves are produced and discharged from the respective outlets.

The difference between the circular vibrating screen and the linear vibrating screen but the vibration trajectory directly affects the purpose of screening, so the user's selection is particularly important, so the user should know more about the loss of the selection of the two types of equipment.

The circular vibrating screen is the purpose of screening by the vibration force generated by the ordinary motor through the soft connection to drive the vibration of the exciter. The circular vibrating screen makes the material move on the screen surface in a parabolic circular path, so that the material is dispersed as much as possible. The material bouncing force is improved to reduce the phenomenon of plugging holes. The main screen of the circular vibrating screen is mainly composed of materials with large specific gravity, large particles and high hardness, and is most widely used in mining industries such as mines, coal and quarry. Since the material moves on the screen surface for a longer period of time, the angle of the screen surface of the circular vibrating screen and the ground angle is larger than that of the linear vibrating screen. The purpose is to improve the screening efficiency of the material and to minimize the screening accuracy. Only by increasing the inclination of the screen surface, the circular vibrating screen is not too strict in terms of screening accuracy. The circular vibrating screen is usually made of thicker plates, and the material of the box must be made of manganese steel to resist the material in the screening process. The impact force of the linear vibrating screen is mainly light-weight plate or stainless steel plate, and the difference in the weight, amplitude and efficiency of the circular vibrating screen is large.

The linear vibrating screen is installed in the lower part of the machine by two vibrating motors. Contrary to the circular vibrating screen, the vibration frequency is higher because the eccentric block of the vibrating motor is smaller, and the amplitude of the material on the screen surface is lower, so the material is in the screen surface. The exercise time on the upper side will be shorter, and there is basically no angle between the screen surface and the ground. Linear vibrating screen is mainly used for screening fine particles, light weight and low hardness. It is usually used in food, chemical, building materials and pharmaceutical industries.