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The role of sieving in feed production


The role of sieving in feed production

I. Sieving

Concept: The use of perforated sieve surface to separate the mixture with different particle size
material into a variety of particle size level is called sieving.
Different purposes of sieving, sieving operations can be divided into five categories:

(1) independent sieving: the purpose is to get suitable for the user requirements of the
The end product. (Fish / shrimp material)

(2) Auxiliary screening: This kind of screening is mainly used in the crushing operation of the feed mill.
This screen is mainly used in the crushing operation of the mineral processing plant, and plays an auxiliary role in the crushing operation. There are generally pre
Screening and inspection screening are different.

(3) preparation screening: The purpose is to prepare for the next operation. Such as
re-election plant in jigging before the material to be screened and graded, the coarse, medium and fine products for classification.
The purpose is to prepare the material for the next operation.

(4) selective sieving: if the material in the useful components in each grain level
distribution of useful components in the material in each grain level, then can be sieved and graded to get different quality
The particle level, the low quality of the particle level sieve out, so as to improve the corresponding
The grade of the material, and sometimes this screening called screening.

(5) dewatering screening: the purpose of sieving is to remove the moisture of the material.