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The role of the tare mill system


 The role of the tare mill system

When milling high-grade flour, the role of the front tare mill is to flake the wheat grains, scrape off the endosperm, and extract the coarse grains and coarse flour in good quantity and quality. The purpose of the back-end mill is to scrape off the endosperm, extract the coarse grains and coarse flour with good quality, and keep the bran flakes intact as much as possible.

The back-end grinding is to scrape the residual endosperm from the bran flakes. Number of passes and contact length of grinding rollers

The number of passes depends on wheat quality, product quality and flour yield requirements, 4-5 passes.

The contact length depends on the quality of the product and the quality of the wheat. When milling high grade flour, a light grinding method is used and a longer number of passes is available.

When milling low grade flour, the front hull mill is mainly used to produce flour, and the number of passes is shorter.