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Types of sieves


 Types of sieves:
1. Wire mesh: It has the advantages of high strength, wear resistance, and no moth. The disadvantage is that it has no hygroscopicity, and it is difficult to make thin steel wire. The wire screen is divided into white steel wire and black steel wire. White wire mesh is woven from galvanized or zinc-tin low carbon steel wire, and is often used for coarse and grading screens. Black steel wire is woven with black low carbon steel wire, the wire is thicker, and is often used in bran brushing machines.
2. Silk screen: The screen made of silk or chemical fiber is called silk screen. Silk has toughness, suitable elasticity, hygroscopicity and electrical conductivity. The disadvantage is that it has poor wear resistance and is easy to be eaten by insects. The chemical fiber screen is relatively wear-resistant, but it has poor hygroscopicity and is easy to generate static electricity, and the screen surface is easy to attach powder particles. The screen mesh interwoven with chemical fiber and silk has the common characteristics of both, good wear resistance, no
Infested by insects, it eliminates the shortcomings of purified fiber products. The powder sieve uses a silk sieve. Coarse sieves and grading sieves can also be made of silk screens.
(2) Classification of WIP
Bran Flakes: A flaky epidermis with varying degrees of endosperm.
Wheat residue: Larger endosperm kernel with wheat husks.
Wheat Hearts: Smaller endosperm kernels mixed with wheat husks.
Meal: Powder of unground ingredients.

(3) Classification of screening work: screening work is divided into four types
1. Coarse sieve ---- used for sifting the bottom of the skin and separating the bran flakes
2. Grading screen---used for the sieving of wheat residue and wheat heart according to particle size
3. Fine sieve ---- used for sieving of coarse powder before cleaning powder
4. Flour sieve ---- used to sieve the flour from the milled materials.