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Wheat cleaning, moisture adjustment, wheat distribution and other processes


Wheat cleaning, moisture adjustment, wheat distribution and other processes

Wheat impurities: including the number of impurities and impurities containing characteristics. Impurity content, especially containing more
Many impurities are not easy to clean up, such as dirt, buckwheat, moldy seeds, clean up the link should be more, the wheat road is long. On the contrary
On the other hand, the wheat road can be shorter.
The type of wheat and the amount of moisture content: For larger-scale flour mill, the type of wheat grain, each batch of
Grain process quality has a large difference, need to be a reasonable mix. Low moisture content, the water is large, wetting wheat time
Long time, the wheat road should be set longer. 3.
Flour quality requirements: wheat cleaning process is more demanding, especially for the production of high-grade flour plant, the raw material requirements are strict.
The material requirements are strict, impurities should be thoroughly cleaned, moisture adjustment should be appropriate, and the wheat road should be longer. 4.
Equipment conditions: wheat cleaning process of various equipment performance; high efficiency, can reduce the number of clean-up, wheat road
Can be shorter, on the contrary, should increase the number of clean-up and links.
Raw material receiving initial clearing garden screen automatic scale initial clearing vibrating screen vertical silo wool wheat with silo
Wheat dispenser Magnetic separator Vibrating screen De-stoner Combined selector Horizontal wheat beater Plane
Rotary vibrating screen, automatic watering machine, wheat rinse bin, wheat dispenser (watering mixer, secondary rinse bin, wheat dispenser)
(Secondary wetting bin with wheat dispenser) Magnetic separator Horizontal wheat beater Plane rotary vibrating screen
Sieve spray watering machine net wheat bin automatic scale magnetic separator wave milling machine
Preliminary cleaning: remove large impurities of wheat (sticks, ears, rags, twine, clods, etc.) and some light and small impurities.
small impurities. From the raw material receiving vertical silo
2. Gross wheat cleaning: Separate the various impurities in the wheat, so that it reaches the standard of impurities in the net wheat into the mill. Generally use sieving
Selection, de-stoning, washing wheat, beating wheat, selection and magnetic separation equipment. 3.
Moisture adjustment: automatic watering machine to wet the wheat bin, so that the wheat reaches the moisture requirements of the mill. 4.
4. Clean up the light wheat: to ensure the quality of the net wheat into the mill, improve the purity of the product, and further thoroughly clean the wheat after wetting.
Clean the wheat. The main equipment used is beating, sieving, etc. In order to ensure the separation efficiency of magnetic impurities, and then a magnetic separation.
The dust and mustard impurities (including organic impurities, inorganic impurities, harmful impurities and seeds of crops that are not edible) should not exceed 0.3%.
More than 0. 3%, of which gravel does not exceed 0. 02%, grain impurities (different varieties of grain grains and wheat dried grains, insect-corroded grains, germination
Grains, mold, bad grains, etc.) not more than 0. 5%.
2. wheat after cleaning, ash reduction of not less than 0. 06%.
3. to ensure that the appropriate moisture into the mill net wheat.