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wheat cleaning process


The wheat cleaning process is referred to as "wheat cleaning", which is the entire process of processing raw wheat through a series of treatments to meet the requirements of clean wheat for milling.
process. Therefore, the wheat cleaning process is not only the cleaning of wheat, but also includes the process of wheat blending and moisture adjustment.
The wheat cleaning process includes screening, wind selection, density de-stoning and magnetic separation, and other methods and equipment for removing impurities, which is basically the same as the process of cleaning impurities in rice.
The process is basically the same. In addition to the above process, in order to achieve a more desirable effect, special selection, wheat beating and washing processes are also carried out.
In addition to the above-mentioned removal process, special selection, beating and washing processes are also carried out to achieve better results.
As already mentioned, there are three types of de-stoners: blowing, suction and circulating airflow.
The removal of impurities that are not very different from the wheat mixed in the wheat is a step called selection. Used to separate
Wheat in the buckwheat, barley and other impurities that are not very different from wheat machinery is called a selector. Selector can be divided into disc selector,
Drum selector and spiral selector three.
1, disc selector
Disc selector is a larger output, more convenient to adjust, but the material is more wear and tear on the disc, sorting precision is not
High, more suitable for classification.
Work: The main working part of the disc selector is a circular disc with pocket holes on both sides. During the working process, the discs
The disc rotates in the material, and the part where the disc is in contact with the material is called the material section, and in the contact process, the material with width and thickness smaller than the pocket hole can be embedded in the pocket hole.
With the rotation of the disc, the material embedded in the hole is taken away from the material layer.
As the depth of the pocket hole is certain, the longer particles will fall out immediately once they lose the support because of the external center of gravity, while the shorter particles can stay steadily in the pocket hole with the slanting mouth upward.
The shorter particles can stay in the bag hole with the slanting mouth upward, and turn through the holding section with the disc, until the highest point into the discharge section, because the bag hole slanting mouth facing downward, the material inside the hole slides out and falls into the collection tank.
into the collection tank and achieve sorting.
2. roller selector
Roller selector is a high sorting accuracy, the lower foot contains less grain, but the output is smaller, the equipment covers an area of larger.
Work: The main working part of the roller selector is a roller with hemispherical pocket holes on the inner surface, and the roller rotates at a constant speed during work.
The drum rotates at a constant speed, and after the material enters the drum, it comes into contact with the bottom of the drum and is brought to a certain height, forming an inclined material section at the bottom of the drum.
In order to ensure the purity of the selected short pellets, the upper edge of the material section must not exceed the level of the main shaft. The roller will bring the material into the hole
After the roller takes the material out of the material holding section, the long grains fall down, and the short grains stay in the hole and turn through the holding section with the barrel, then enter the discharging section, and fall by their own gravity over the influence of the centrifugal inertia force.
The long grains are driven by the drum, while tumbling at the bottom of the drum, and flowing to the bottom of the drum.
The long grain is driven by the drum and rolled at the bottom of the cylinder while flowing to the mouth of the cylinder and discharged. In order to facilitate the flow of materials in the cylinder, the axis of the roller is inclined to the exit end.
3. Combined selector
In accordance with a certain process, the drum or disc selection mechanism combined with the equipment called combination selector, can improve the equipment
The processing capacity of the equipment and debris removal effect.
Work and process. Equipment mainly consists of two groups of discs, two drums and the corresponding adjustment, conveying, transmission mechanism, etc.
The machine is mainly composed of two sets of discs, two drums and corresponding regulating, conveying and driving mechanisms. The material is graded by the discs with larger capacity, and the pure impurities are selected from the graded wheat stream by the drums.
After entering the equipment, the material is first graded by the large bag hole disc group, shorter wheat grains and all buckwheat seeds are selected and sent to the small bag hole disc group by the winch
The longer wheat grains and all the barley selected by the large hole disc group are sent to the barley roller, which is selected by the roller.
The small hole disc group selected by the axial push out of the longer wheat grains and all the barley to the barley drum, the roller will be selected wheat; small hole disc group selected by the small grain of wheat and all the buckwheat by the winch to the buckwheat drum, will be selected buckwheat.
buckwheat seeds will be selected. The machine is divided into five kinds of materials, three of which are wheat, selected impurities are barley-type long-grain impurities and buckwheat-type short-grain impurities, usually short-grain impurities.
Short-grain impurities, usually short-grain impurities contain small grains and shoulder stone and shoulder mud lumps.
4 screw selector
Spiral selection machine is also known as a throwing car, is the use of wheat and impurity grain shape differences in the removal of impurities equipment, the object of the removal of impurities is buckwheat.
Pea type spherical impurities.
Work: The main working mechanism of the spiral selector is with the horizontal plane with a certain angle of inclination of the spiral surface throwing channel.
Spiral selector does not require power, the material relies on its own gravity along the throwing channel downward movement, in the process of movement to achieve sorting.
After the material enters from the upper end of the throwing path, the material flows down along the inclined spiral surface, because the throwing path surface has a certain inclination and spiral angle, so that along the
Throwing channel for irregular rolling sliding grain movement of the linear velocity is low, only along the inside of the spiral surface to slide down steadily; and into the throwing channel
buckwheat into the throwing lane because of the spherical shape, can roll well on the throwing lane and gradually accelerated, thus obtaining a large centrifugal inertia force and
Was thrown out of the throwing channel, the collection of buckwheat thrown out, to achieve wheat, buckwheat sorting.
5 selected process evaluation of the effect
Various types of selection equipment in addition to buckwheat, barley impurities should be ≥ 75% efficiency. The foot containing normal wheat grains should be ≤ 3%.