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Wheat threshing


Wheat threshing

The raw material entering the milling process is whole wheat, and although most of the impurities mixed into the wheat grain have been removed, the surface of the wheat grain is not yet ideally clean.
Therefore, before the wheat is put into the mill, the mud, sand, dust, harmful microorganisms and other contaminants adhering to the skin and grooves of the wheat must be removed more thoroughly.
This process is called the surface cleaning of wheat.
1、 Wheat threshing is to beat down the surface of the wheat grains of various attachments. The equipment for beating wheat is a wheat beater.
2, the work of the Wheat threshing: wheat beater mainly uses mechanical beating and abrasive action to clean wheat. Wheat beater
The main work components are high-speed rotating beating plate and wear-resistant work cylinder surface. Between the beating plate and the cylinder to form a ring-shaped work
The spacing between the plate and the cylinder is the working gap.
The wheat grains entering the working gap are subjected to certain intensity of blows and collisions, which can vibrate off the impurities adhering to the surface, while the equipment
The squeezing and rubbing effect of the working surface and the mutual friction between the grains of wheat can directly rub off part of the adhering pollutants. Working area
The material in the working area is pushed by the beating plate, and makes spiral movement along the inner surface of the barrel, forming a certain length of movement track, and gets many times cleaning
Commonly used wheat machine has horizontal wheat machine, vertical wheat machine and impact machine.
3. . Wheat threshing process effect of
Each after a beating wheat, ash reduction should be ≥ 0. 02%
The incremental amount of broken wheat should be ≤ 0. 5% for each wheat beating equipment
The content of intact wheat grains in the foot should be ≤ 1%