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30TPD Maize Mill Plant

Product Description
The 30-ton corn processing equipment can produce low-fat corn grits and corn meal corn husk with different particle sizes at the same time. Corn grits, corn meal, is the food factory, alcohol factory, liquor factory, brewery, lactic acid factory, corn sug

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30TPD Corn Plant

The 30-ton corn processing equipment can simultaneously produce low-fat corn grits and corn flour corn husks of different particle sizes. Corn grits and corn flour are processing enterprises of food factories, wineries, liquor factories, breweries, lactic acid factories, corn sugar factories, and corn as raw materials. They are also the best food for urban residents to eat coarse grains to improve their lives.

1. This production line reduces the investment of wet grain in the early stage and drying equipment for the finished product in the later stage.

2. The dry corn processing technology is complete, the material processing process does not contact water, and the processing is more hygienic, simpler and less labor-intensive.

3. Use professional peeling equipment to reduce the loss of endosperm during peeling.

4. Not only reduce energy consumption, but also reduce the impact of impurities, ash, bran star on the finished product.

1. Thickness of corn flour: 40-150 mesh (thickness can be adjusted arbitrarily).

2. Sand content: not more than 0.002%

3. Magnetic metal content: not more than 0.003g/kg

4. Moisture: storage type: 13.5-14.5%

5. Color and fragrance: pink, normal smell and taste

6. Fat content: 1-2%Corn mill processing program:

1. The corn mill first removes the impurities mixed in the corn kernels: a sorting process can separate qualifiedLarge and small corn kernels; the polisher can remove impurities adhering to the surface of the kernels, making the kernels look brighter.
2. Raw corn cleaning: cleaning with sieve, stone and air separation system
Large and small impurities, light impurities, pebbles, magnetic substances, to ensure product quality.
3. Corn crushing: crushing makes the particle size of the material entering the flour mill suitable and improves the crushing efficiency. Flour mills grind materials into flour and then sieve the different materials.Purification uses a combination of screening and extraction to separate out fine skin and damaged bacteria.
4. Measurement and packaging: The warehouse can reduce labor. The metering packaging can be manual or electric metering packaging according to actual needs.

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