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40TPD Rice Mill Plant

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40TPD Rice Mill Plant

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40TPD Rice Mill Plant

1、Adopt our company's improved and efficient cleaning and de-stoning combination sieve, which saves space, investment and energy consumption on the basis of meeting process needs.
2、Adopt low temperature rice machine, two out of white, high precision, less fragmentation, lower energy consumption per unit output, strong competitiveness and high efficiency.
3、Using enhanced polishing machine, the rice grain is crystal clear and translucent, with delicate touch and high grade.
4、The whole set of equipment is compact and beautiful and convenient for operation and maintenance, saving workshop space for customers.
5、All the installation parts are all factory-made, good versatility, exquisite materials, beautiful and durable.
6、The installation form can be made into steel frame or cement platform according to the customer's requirement.

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