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Maize Mill Equipment

Product Description
The resulting maize flour is a superior raw material for local African schima, fufu and other food products.

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Maize Mill Equipment

The corn peeling and milling unit is composed of a peeling system, a milling system and a wind net dust removal system. The production process is fast and clean, and can quickly complete the procedures of cleaning, degerming, peeling, polishing, milling and other processes for corn. The milling interval can be 30-60 mesh. It can be used for both dry and wet purposes, easy to operate, fast to remove impurities, high output, electricity Low consumption, the corn processing equipment crushes, classifies, and peels the corn, and finally makes all corn meal (30-60 mesh). The obtained corn meal is the best raw material for schima, fufu and other foods of African local people, and The fineness of the powder can be adjusted to meet the needs of users of different levels.

1. Multifunction
The machine with lifting, peeling and milling functions is exported to many countries including Africa;
2. Humanize
In some power shortage areas, diesel engines can also be configured as power transmission;
3. Good finished
Peeling clean, no black navel, uniform particles, round and smooth appearance, fine corn powder, uniform powder;
4. Low energy consumption
Efficient, energy efficient and small footprint.

Type Capacity Power Rated Voltage Weight Size
AHYM28-45 600kg/h(60 mesh) 22kw 380V 460kg 2379*1980*3100mm
350kg/h(80 mesh)
700kg/h(40 mesh)

1. Inner packing: Plastic film

2. Outside packing: container/wooden box
3. Shipping: by sea in QINGDAO port or according to your demand


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