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Development of rice mill machine manufacturing industry


Challenges and opportunities always coexist. In recent years, foreign equipment and technology have entered the domestic market, squeezing the living space of the domestic grain machine manufacturing industry, but also promoting the machinery manufacturing industry to open up a new market, seek export and move towards the world. According to customs statistics, in 2006 1, April, China's grain processing machinery and components exported to 15 million 780 thousand US dollars, and livestock and poultry raising machinery exported to US $22 million 740 thousand.

In the face of the state of the grain machine industry in China, the domestic grain processing machinery manufacturing enterprises should do a good job, do a good job of industrial integration, increase the competitive ability of the enterprises, expand the field of business, and put their eyes on the wider international market.

According to the latest information provided by the China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, the agricultural machinery manufacturing technology in Southeast Asia is obviously backward. Many ASEAN countries are still mainly imported, and the demand for grain processing machinery and other agricultural machinery is very large. At the same time, the grain processing machinery manufacturing products in our country have the advantage of performance quality and price ratio, and the low price is the product in the east of China's grain processing machinery in the East. The advantages of the competition between the countries of the league and other countries. For a long time, China's rice milling machine, flour mill and other small and medium-sized agricultural machinery has been sold in some ASEAN countries.

After joining the WTO, the Chinese government actively supported exports, and formulated a series of related policies and created favorable conditions. In recent years, there are more and more domestic grain manufacturing enterprises developing export business, and the export volume has increased year by year, which has taken a place in the international market. In the field of export trade, China's grain machine enterprises should establish firm and lasting partnership, form strategic alliances, make full use of resources to win the market, establish offices and after-sale services together in foreign countries, reduce costs and solve the pre sales and after-sales service of export products, and make China's export of machinery manufacturing products a new step .