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Corn processing machinery raw grain de-hybridization method using tips


 Corn processing machinery raw grain de-mixing process comprehensive variety of step-by-step methods using techniques, corn contains a large amount of fiber and a variety of nutrients required by the human body, in all staple foods corn's nutritional value is also unparalleled in other mixed grains. And, with the innovation of domestic grain processing enterprises technology, corn processed food gradually came into our lives. The birth of dozens of corn food made of fine cornmeal as the main raw material has enriched the people's table, while opening up a new way of thinking for corn processing machinery for coarse grains.

Corn processing machinery can process a variety of grains, its processing procedures are cumbersome and complex, to be used as raw materials for the corn grain de-hybridization process. After the screening of corn raw materials, its impurity content shall not be greater than 3%. Therefore, the operator in the de-hybridization stage to do a good job in the equipment of the original grain de-hybridization procedures in order to ensure the quality of corn flour, then, 100 tons of corn processing machinery in the original grain de-hybridization process are the steps?

1, in order to ensure the purity of corn processing machinery into the corn, all kinds of impurities in the raw material should be cleaned up, but the focus of cleaning up all kinds of dust and mustard impurities, especially the production and product purity of a variety of inorganic impurities. Arrangement of the order of debris removal, should consider first clean up the production of direct harm to large dust and mustard impurities, and then clean up other mixed and adhesion type of impurities.

2, for the impurities with corn there are more than two differences, should try to use simpler methods to clean up. For example, for the particle size is significantly larger or smaller than the corn gravel, the use of screening is better than the use of de-stoning machine.

3, suspension speed and large grains of corn about the same shoulder impurities is the difficulty of debris removal, such as smaller particle size of the shoulder mud block, etc., for such impurities need to use a selection or a combination of a variety of methods to clean up.