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The design concept of ultrasonic vibrating sieve machine for corn processing machinery creates a professional development trend


In the process of processing corn flour, there are often blocked nets, material clusters, adsorption screen, sticky nets or some special materials can not be screened, this is due to the use of ordinary vibrating screen cleaning device is the use of bouncing ball hitting the screen to achieve the effect of net cleaning, but this often clean up is not complete, so how much does it cost to install a good vibrating screen equipment in the corn production plant?

  For some high fine materials or materials with a certain viscosity, static electricity, light specific gravity, ordinary vibrating screen cleaning device is unable to help. This requires a product that is fast, efficient and effective in improving screening accuracy. This is the design concept of the ultrasonic sifter.

  1. Change of the screen frame structure

  Commonly used screening frame structure for the old pine type and single net double hoop two, the type of frame structure has the characteristics of convenient replacement, but due to the installation need to spare a certain amount of screen and the need to use bolts fixed, which makes the frame and screen frame fit is not enough easy to accumulate material and leakage problems.

  The new ultrasonic vibrating screen frame structure adopts the form of gluing, so that it can reduce the vacancy of the screen frame and screen frame fit more closely to prevent the problem of material accumulation and leakage, the whole screen mesh using the form of gluing, so the screen surface without holes can also avoid the problem of material leakage;

  2、Change of screen cleaning device

  Traditional vibrating screen uses bouncing ball to clear the screen, but for some high fine or special materials, the effect of bouncing ball is not obvious. The new vibrating screen uses an ultrasonic screen clearing device, which consists of an ultrasonic power supply and an ultrasonic transducer.

  One end of the transducer is connected to the screw hole in the middle of the screen frame, and the other end is connected to the ultrasonic power supply, after opening the transducer will be high frequency and low amplitude ultrasonic waves transmitted to the above, so that the material is suspended at low altitude to achieve the effect of clearing the screen. The net clearing device does not damage the nature of the material and can solve the problem of sieving powder materials below 500 mesh.