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Pea Cleaning and Peeling Equipment

Product Description
Pea cleaning and peeling equipment to solve the bean starch industry, pea processing difficult to clean and peeling loss of large problem, the design capacity 5 -40 t/h pea cleaning and peeling plant

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 Pea Cleaning and Peeling Equipment

The core of the production line is divided into: flow monitoring, cleaning, deboulding, sieving, colour sorting, peeling, sorting, secondary bean treatment, automatic control system and other sections.

1. Pea peeling equipment, according to the characteristics of peas, the use of independent research and development of production of peas peeling machine, peeling effect and finished product rate effect Good and stable for high throughput and continuous operation
2. Multi-component sorting and sieving equipment, based on data accumulated through continuous research, separates the raw beans according to their different characteristics, and the secondary beans are sorted and reprocessed to remove the surface oxides, resulting in a smooth surface and bright color of the bean petals, thus increasing the yield and value of the finished product.
3. The application of pea peeler in pea processing technology not only improves the yield of finished products, but also improves the quality of finished products of pea kernel, the surface of the processed pea kernel is clean, the shell of peas removed is intact, reducing the loss of peas in the peeling process.

1. Inner packing: Plastic film
2. Outside packing: container/wooden box
3. Shipping: by sea in QINGDAO port or according to your demand

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