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Pulse Dust Collector

Product Description
Dust Collector is applicable to the recycling and dust removal of powder materials from grain, food, feed, light industry, chemical industry, building materials, mines and other enterprises, and can be pressed or inhaled according to different needs.

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Pulse Dust Collector

1) Function:Removing dust with low pressure pump aspirator system.
2) Application: raw grains and seeds.

When dusty gas from the box tangential inlets into the box body, a part of the coarser particles of dust due to the effect of centrifugal force, along the wall rotate into the hopper, primary dedusting effect, another part of the fine dust were stranded outside the bag, after purification, the wear on the filter bag into the body by gas discharge outlets, while on the surface of the filter bag dust in the filtration process, increasing the dust filter resistance will also increase, to keep equipment in a limited amount (0.8 ~ 1.2 Kpa) within the scope of soot cleaning must be conducted so as to shake off the dust and the purpose of reducing resistance. This series of products adopt the method of low-pressure pulse spraying and cleaning ash controlled by the controller to make each filter bag under the action of receiving the spraying and inducing the air source to cause the cloth bag instantaneous bulge, shake off the dust and discharge by the discharging mechanism.Thus far, they are widely used in the aspiration system and pneumatic conveying system.

1. Primary de-dust equipment in grain processing industry
2. Modular design for a variety of series and models (low pressure ,high pressure, ordinary, flip top)
3. Updated design of air tank with leaking free
4. Solenoid valve controlled compressed air dynamic characteristics(Patent:ZL200920091844.6) for less restriction, high air flow speed and efficient outcome
5. Programmable timer control for setting up pulse frequency and blowing time
6. Flip top design enable quick maintenance and service
7. Optional full funnel bottom cone for easy dust collection
8. Optional supply with anti static or water proof cleaning bags
9. Laser cutting applies to sheet metal components for quality and accuracy
10. Carbon dioxide gas shielded welding workmanship
11. CNC machining centers ensure precise fabrication
12. Power coated parts and components for best quality and duration

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