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Wheat sterilizer

Product Description
TXQS series fully dry wheat knead sterilizing machine is mainly used for removing miscellaneous and sterilizing wheat, reducing wheat vomiting, aspergillus flavus, ochratoxin, red mildew and other fungal toxins, reducing corpse insects and pesticide resid

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Wheat Sterilizer

Wheat storage, acquisition, wheat processing, alcohol, feed, starch and other enterprises
1. Rub the mildew, raw teeth and diseased spots on the polished wheat surface to meet the national warehousing acquisition standards and improve the storage period of wheat.Reduce the content of fungal toxins
such as wheat vomiting, aspergillus flavus, ochratoxin and gibberellus, reduce corpse insects and pesticide residues, purify contaminated products, and ensure wheat storage and food safety.
2, kneading and polishing to improve the bulk density of wheat, improve the quality of grain grade, improve the economic benefits of warehousing grain trading enterprises.
3. Kneading and polishing can effectively reduce all kinds of fungal toxins of wheat in starch enterprises, alcohol enterprises and feed enterprises, ensure that the fungal toxins of DDGS feed
and feed enterprises do not exceed the standard, meet the feed hygiene standards, and guarantee the food safety of human and livestock 


1. Inner packing: Plastic film

2. Outside packing: container/wooden box
3. Shipping: by sea in QINGDAO port or according to your demand

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